Lymphocyte Assessment Hackathon

The LYmphocyte aSsessmenT hackathOn (LYSTO) is a challenge on assessment of lymphocytes  in immunohistochemically stained tissue sections organized in conjunction with the COMPAY 2019 workshop.

The goal of this hackathon is two-fold:

  • Develop and compare solutions for a clinically relevant task in the typical medical image analysis challenge setting.
  • Facilitate interaction and teamwork between researchers with different levels of experience and from different institutions.

The task of the hackathon will be automatic assessment of lymphocytes in tissue sections of several types of cancer  in human specimens stained with CD3 and CD8 immunohistochemistry. This is an important component of prognostic markers that are likely to be adopted in routine diagnostics in the near future. As an example, in the field of colorectal carcinoma, a prognostic marker based on such quantification already exists and is known as Immunoscore.

While the task has high clinical relevance, we believe that with the help of artificial intelligence methods accurate solutions can be developed in a short amount of time, which makes it ideal for a hackathon event.

The first part of LYSTO 2019 will follow a typical medical image analysis challenge format:

  • A small training and test set will be released on this website.
  • Researchers that are interested in participating in the challenge will be able to register and use an initial, smaller dataset to get familiar with the task and develop pilot methods.
  • Two weeks before the workshop date the full training dataset will be released. 
  • One week before the workshop, the challenge will be closed for new registrations.

The hackathon will run in parallel with the COMPAY19 workshop on October 13, in conjunction with the MICCAI 2019 conference in Shenzhen (China). In order to compete in the hackathon, participants must attend the COMPAY19 workshop, as the test set will be released during that workshop event.

The organizers of LYSTO will facilitate the creation of teams of researchers from different institutions that will participate together. The aim is to form teams that are a good mix of researches with different expertise and experience to encourage knowledge transfer. During the hackathon event that will run in parallel with the workshop, the teams can work together on joint solutions.

All methods developed during the hackathon will be summarized in a journal publication that will be submitted to a high-impact journal. 

Hackathon timeline:

  • Small (pilot) training and test datasets released: End of July, 2019
  • Full training dataset released: October 1, 2019
  • Closed for new registrations: October 6, 2019
  • Teams of participants formed/method development in teams: October 6 - October 13, 2019
  • Full test set (on site) release/hackathon (parallel with the COMPAY workshop): October 13, 2019

More detailed information well be added to this website in upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned!